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Relocation Incentives Advisory and Procurement 

Economic Development/Redevelopment Advisory
​We bring our many skills, which include overall project management and project financing for all type of development project including both urban and suburban (re)development.  We gather all relevant information and synthesize a wide array of variables including income, labor supply, location and infrastructure.  This includes identifying, negotiating, procuring and implementing local and state incentive financing mechanisms.  We can assist you to market the economic development project and attract developers, retailers, housing, restaurants and other components to a vibrant and sustainable redevelopment project.

We start by identifying, negotiating and procuring tax and other incentives that many states and localities will offer to attract new facilities, jobs and investment - as well as to retain existing facilities and employees.  Our Consultants identify relevant programs to reduce your overall costs and improve your bottom line by optimizing the returns on all available relocation and retention incentives.  We leverage our experience and the state and locality's strong desire to retain jobs and investment.